Put the box dye down hun, it’s not worth it.

Supercuts blog don't use box dye on your hair

Steady now. We know times can get rough for your hair. We also understand the complete and utter pain of not being able to visit our salons right now. But hey, there’s really no need to take it out on your hair with a BOX DYE.

We didn’t think it would come to this. But the time has come for us to prove to you there is no colour like a salon colour. Trust us, as hair professionals with years of expertise and industry knowledge under our belts, we’re not ashamed to say that when it comes to hair colour, we’ve got things pretty sussed. Try and put the noise around you of ‘they only want you to spend your money!’ on mute for a second. Let us put some of those salon colour vs box dye myths to bed once and for all.

What’s the difference between salon colour and box dye?

Many box dye enthusiasts (we’re not afraid of a little stereotyping here) believe that dyeing hair is just about changing colour. Or covering greys. But your hair’s hue is actually the result of several (very) complex factors.

Think of a hairdresser’s work station as a chemistry lab. The products hairdressers use to colour, treat and condition hair are all chemical compounds. The slightest of variation in measurements can yield wildly different results. If mixed by a non-professional, the results can be devastating to hair, so proper training is a must.

Salon hair colour can also be purposely formulated to hold just enough developer. By stark contrast, box hair colour uses a standard formula that can over-process your hair and under-process your mate’s. There’s absolutely no way of being sure of the results, and not only that, you may also be exposing yourself to more chemicals than necessary. And what’s more, as a result of a poor dye job, you may find yourself in need of corrective colour. Which coincidently will almost certainly end up costing more than professional colour would have in the first place. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Why can’t I buy salon colour and apply it myself?

As experienced hairstylists, the #teamsupercuts have seen (and rescued) just about every hair disaster out there. And almost nothing is as bad as a bad dye job. Hair colour when applied incorrectly not only looks unpleasant but can actually cause damage to your hair. In severe instances bad DIY dye jobs can cause irreversible damage to hair. This can ultimately result in chopping hair off in order to eliminate the problem. And we certainly don’t want you to have to endure that.

All stylists here at Supercuts are fully trained. They’ve mastered the art of colour application and our senior colourists are also industry leading when it comes to new trends and techniques. So there is literally nobody better to place your trust in.

“But box dyes are cheaper…”

And there’s a reason for that. You may have heard the old saying that hairstylists who warn guests about the dangers of box dyes are just trying to sell their services. But as it turns out, box dyes and salon hair colour are at completely opposite ends of the scale. There is far more than just a difference in cost — and it could make all the difference to the life and health of your hair. When you pay for a Colour Package at Supercuts, you’re not only paying for the colour, you’re paying for expert application from a professional stylist.

But I really like the colour on this box dye…

Okay, so if the last 600 words meant absolute squat to you, here’s the bottom line. It’s not just as simple as ‘liking’ a colour and therefore expecting it to turn out exactly as it appears on the box. As well as choosing a colour that will truly suit your skin tone, eyes and lifestyle, other factors must also be considered. Such as the complexities of your hair length, texture, density, and porosity – all of which play a big part in how it will render colour. There isn’t a box dye available that will take all of this into account, let alone help you apply it safely. Our stylists however can look at your hair’s current condition, as well as any previous treatments and provide a diagnosis. This then helps you decide on a Colour Package that will assist you in achieving the desired results.

Too often we’re left pining for a colour that we want almost immediately. Lightening dark hair for instance isn’t always (in fact it rarely is) achieved in one session. This is where your stylist will recommend how many sessions it will take to achieve your desired colour. Or as close as your hair will allow – safely and with minimal damage.

Supercuts blog don't use box dye on your hair

You heard it from the experts…

If that’s not enough to convince you, we’re sure the advice below from Fiona, our in house Hair Colour Expert, will do the trick:

“If you looked at two lots of similarly coloured hair side by side, I guarantee that you’d really be able to notice the difference between a box dye job and a professionally applied salon colour. In the world of professional hair colouring, box dyes are notoriously known for a ‘one-size-fits’ all formula, and only capable of producing one tone of colour that can actually make the hair look flat, dull and lifeless. Salon professional colour creates a multi-tonal effect in your hair, meaning that not only will the colour’s appearance add depth and dimension to your chosen hue, it will also make your hair appear shinier and healthier as a result. Professional application is also key as our stylists will know exactly where to apply the colour to compliment your skin tone, eye colour and haircut.”

Final word

The professional stylists and colourists at #teamsupercuts have invested a lot of time and money learning all about the effects of hair dye. They know how to make your hair look its best — and, just as importantly, stay its healthiest. It’s not something you can learn on YouTube, or via instructions from the back of a box… so please, take heed of our advice. Be patient and thank us later when you see the salon professional results for yourself.

By: Mandy Bisla

On: March 27, 2020

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