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Q&A With Angela

Supercuts creative stylist, Angela, answers your commonly asked hair & style questions from Supercuts salons across the land.

Q. I’m trying to get my boyfriend to try a new hair style, what cut do you think he should get?

A. Without seeing his face shape it’s hard to say, however the biggest trend for men this autumn is the classic slick back, wet look which is inspired by the 50s era. Think James Dean! Celebrities such as David Beckham, Leonardo DiCaprio, Christiano Ronaldo and Brad Pitt are currently sporting this timeless style. A benefit to having this style is that it takes very little time or effort to maintain.

Q. I coloured my hair red a few weeks ago and it’s started to look dull already. What can I do to stop it?

A. At Supercuts, we’re having more people than ever colouring their hair red especially now Cheryl Cole is red. Reds can fade, so to prevent this we recommend a Colour Care shampoo and conditioner such as Designline Colour Care which is an antioxidant and will prevent any colour from fading (not just reds). To give your colour an extra boost, use shine spray – just lightly spray the mist above the head and let it fall onto your hair for a more natural shine effect. For Shine Spray we recommend Head Rush by TIGi Bedhead, from your local salon.

Q. I have really thin hair, what can I do to add volume on a budget? A. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have great looking hair.

A. A great way to get more volume without spending the earth is to get a large radial (round) brush and then dry the hair in the opposite direction that it naturally falls. It gives maximum volume every time. Good looks do cost less!

By: Supercuts HQ

On: November 2, 2010

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