Rainy Day Hair

Don’t you just hate it when you get caught out in the rain? Here’s a few tips to help you look your best when the rain just won’t stop.

1)    Before blow drying your hair use a bit of DesignLine Frizz Free Serum. This great spray helps block out humidity and seal in moisture! You only need to use a small amount as a little goes a long way. Apply through your hair from near the roots right down to your tips. Try to avoid the roots directly as this will make your hair look greasy.

2)    Make sure you dry your hair all the way through and let your hair cool fully before going out in the elements.

3)    If you are straightening or curling your hair, it’s a good idea to use a heat protion spray before you begin. Enchanted Heat Treat is a great heat conductor to help get improved styling results.

4)    To eliminate static, spray your hair brush with a little hairspray before you brush your hair.

5)    Don’t over do it with strong hold products as they will only make your hair stick together more when wet.

If you don’t want to wear your hair down, try one of these styles. They’re perfect for stepping out in any weather, especially when the elements are against you.

Bunches: Whether your hair is long or short, this is a really cute look which requires little effort. All you need is two thin hair bobbles to create your bunches. Then simply get your parting to where you like it (side or centre) and keep the parting line across the head. For those of you feeling adventurous, try a zig-zag pattern at the back of your hair.
Plaits: There’s are many to choose from; French, bunch plaits, side plaits, bun plaits, fish tail plaits…They will all keep your hair tight and under control in the wind and the rain. Plus they’ll give you a cute curl if you plan on going for drinks with the girls after a hard days work.

Hair bands: If you do want to wear your hair down then a hair band is a great way of keeping the hair most prone to going wrong first away from the elements and out of your face.
Top tip: Make sure your hair band is fabric covered and not Rubber so it don�t tear your hair.

Remember don’t resort to a big floppy hat or struggle with an umbrella. Your hair can look fabulous whatever the weather. A bad weather day doesn’t have to be a bad hair day.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: May 10, 2012

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