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Rihanna: Hair History

In terms of both her music and her look, few artists switch up their style as much as Rihanna. Since she first burst onto the music scene in 2005 with Pon De Replay, the singer has rocked every hairstyle going, from pixie cuts and extensions to mohicans and mullets (yes, really). Whether’s she’s setting trends or just turning heads, we’re always excited to see what she’s going to come up with next. 

So before she unleashes a new ‘do on us – and believe us, she’s bound to do so soon – let’s take a look back at some of her most memorable hair changes.

Rihanna 2005

Rihanna Hair History: 2005

When Rihanna first came out, we all fell in love with her girl-next-door charm. Her hair was natural looking with a longer length, straight style and rich, mid-brown tones. The quiff style helped show off those on-trend hoops, but this is a far cry from the style we expect of Ri-Ri now.

Rihanna 2007

Rihanna Hair History: 2007

A couple of years after her debut, Rihanna released her Good Girl Gone Bad album and there was a definite shift in her personal style too. Chopping off her hair into a short, graduated bob (the style of 2007, in case you’d forgot), she revealed an edgier side to her personality. The jet black colour was super sleek, and is a shade she’s returned to again and again in recent years.

rihanna 2008 rihanna 2009

Rihanna Hair History: 2008/09

Throught 2008-9, the singer took her look up a notch and went for a fully cropped style. Her long fringe kept it pretty and feminine, and she played with both messy, voluminous styles and a sleeker look too. It was during this period that Rihanna also started to play with colour, switching from a deep plum in ’08 to caramel blonde the following year. Glam makeup also gave her look a more sophisticated edge, showing how much she had grown up from when she was first signed at 16.

rihanna 2010

Rihanna Hair History: 2010/11

2010 was the year that Rihanna unveiled one of her most iconic hair looks to date: that red. If you went red during this year, then there’s a 98% chance that you were influenced by Ri-Ri’s pillarbox hue. The longer style helped her make even more of a statement, and it was a great era for her as she released Loud, the album featuring some of her biggest hits including Only Girl in the World and What’s My Name.

rihanna 2013 1 rihanna 2013 2

Rihanna Hair History: 2013

After a short time of going back and forth between short and long styles, 2013 saw Rihanna go for another bold statement: the mullet. The style was one of her most controversial looks to date, with most of the press slamming the ’80s-inspired ‘do. Of course, Rihanna still manages to pull off anything she does – but we have to agree that we were happy to see the back (although not literally) of this style.

rihanna 2014

Rihanna Hair History: 2014

The world breathed a sigh of relief when the Barbados beauty brought back her longer hair, and she proved she could be just as experimental with this style. From sleek ponies to wild curls, Rihanna embraced every look you can create with longer tresses.

rihanna 2016

Rihanna Hair History: 2016

If you look back on Rihanna’s hair past in a couple of years, it will be difficult to pin down exactly which look defined 2016 for the singer. This year has seen her try out practically every style going, from sleek bobs and heavy fringes to her recent dreadlocks. She’s certainly come a long way since her first album, and is now putting out music and styles that show her to be one of the most experimental and controversial entertainers around. Only one thing is a definite with our beloved Ri-Ri: there’s bound to be plenty more jaw-dropping styles to come!

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By: Claire Cavanagh

On: October 24, 2016

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