Salon Stories

It’s amazing the things you hear in salon. With an average of 140 cuts every week, our stylists spend hours every day chatting with their customers.

We asked a few of our stylists if they had any interesting stories from conversations with their customers.

Stylist Stephanie Waugh recalls how one of her oldest regulars first visited her salon in Stafford.

One Saturday afternoon a lady walked into the salon and was desperate for us to give her hair a little TLC.

She had never visited Supercuts before, but as we operate a drop in service she saw our salon in Stafford, which is her local shopping centre and popped in.

She was run off her feet and had last minute shopping to do before her best friend’s birthday party, and needed to get glammed up and her hair sorted out.

Because it was her first visit, I talked her through the Supercuts process. We discussed what cut she wanted, then I asked her to take a seat and wait for a consultation with one of our stylists who explained the pricing system to her. After that was done I started cutting her hair and styling it the way she asked.

She told me how she was borrowing a dress from a friend but still needed to find a pair of shoes to go with the dress.

When she described the colour of the dress I couldn’t believe it. Earlier that morning, during my lunch break, I had seen a pair of heels which sounded perfect for the dress so I told her where she could find them.

Once I had finished styling her hair she rushed off to find the shoes. Later that day, she popped back in to say thank you. She’s now a regular customer and whenever she comes in for a treatment, we always have a laugh about her first visit. Oh, and not forgetting a chat about shoes!

By: Supercuts HQ

On: July 1, 2011

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