Spring/Summer Colour

Spring Summer Hair Colour

This year’s colour evolution isn’t all about drastic changes, instead you can take your colour through the seasons in style by subtley changing your tones and highlights. From blondes to redheads and brunettes, cooling or warming your colour will mean all the difference between your Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter looks this 2014.

The first question to ask is, who’s my inspiration? If you want Nicola Roberts’ quirky redhead chic, Mila Kunis’ smouldering brunette, or you’re more into Abbey Clancy’s blonde bombshell glamour, you might be surprised by just how much your hair colour can take you there. It’s not just a case of colour, it’s all about the right shade of that colour against your skin.


There’s a shade of blonde, brunette and red for every single skintone too, so there’s no colour that’s a no go zone whether you’re pale, freckled, olive, dark or everything in between.

Beyonce-Long-Hair-Weave-Platinum-Blonde-2013This year’s hot shades are all about playing to your strengths – want deep auburn but not sure of your shade? Creating a blend of warm and cool tones and highlights in different amounts can get you there. A perfect example from the celebrity sphere – we love how Jennifer Lawrence and Beyonce’s blondes are almost the same shade, but with subtle differences that make it suit their polar opposite looks, both to perfection.

For creative colour, the sky’s the limit. Pastels are still setting the fashion world alight, going paler and cooler with every update. Want an update on last year’s dip dye? Whether it’s blonde-on-brown or a colourful shade it’s not out of fashion yet! Give yours a shot of 2014 chic by roughing up the edges, going for hidden highlights and creatively placed colour – taking away that severe dip dye line gives an instant update.

We’re not just about cuts, and we love bringing fabulous colour at a budget that suits you. Ask at your Supercuts now for more info on our extensive colour packages for everyone.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: February 26, 2014

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