Stop wasting your time. These are the only curlers worth considering

Is it just us, or have you noticed the influx of Insta beauties donning a thick, flowing mane of luscious curls? Jealous? Us? No way. Ok, maybe a little. But it’s fair game tbf, as curls are majorly IN this summer and the only thing standing in between you and gorgeous curls is choosing the right curler. Luckily, we’ve nabbed together this ultimate guide which’ll leave you feeling like a curly hair expert in your own right.

Here at #teamsupercuts we LOVE curls of every type, every colour and every length. Whether you’re after natural, ringlet or beachy waves, we wanna help you achieve your dream #hairgoals, because you know, we’re nice people!  If you’re looking to put your single straight styling days behind you, and if you’re ready to settle down with a curler, then there’s no doubt about it: you need to read on.

If you’ve just realised you need a curler in your life and got no clue where to start, well, you’ll be relieved to know that our stylists have got the answer. For starters we can stop you from wasting a fair few hours online searching for the perfect brand, as there’s only one name that comes to mind when you’re on the hunt for any type of styling tool: ghd.

Glamour waves like Kady
Soft waves like Lydia
Tight curls like Ellie

But why choose ghd?

Without giving you a painfully boring history lesson, just know that back in the early noughties ghd burst onto the hairdressing scene and seriously changed the industry’s hair styling game. All their styling tools are rigorously developed and tested by ghd scientists – yes scientists(!) – with hair enthusiasts very much at the centre of their focus, it’s super clear to us that no other brand really compares. Don’t forget that in 2018 ghd developed the world’s first smart styler using the ultimate advancement in technology which we’re still raving about on our feeds today, and probably will be for a long time to come.  Not only that but each ghd Curve wand and tong is unique and have been designed to give you either cute-patootie curls or wonderous waves, and everything in between. And if that’s not enough each ghd Curve wand and tong also features their industry-leading patented tri-zone® technology, delivering optimum heat that is safe for hair and designed to keep your curls locked in from day to night. So not only will your curls look great, but your hair will be thanking you too for keeping it damage-free.

It’s no wonder that you’ll find each and every one of our salons nationwide stocked up with ghd styling tools, and the Curve range is no exception. 


If you already know what to look for in a curler then feel free to skip ahead to find the one, by clicking on your dream curl type:

Big, open curls

Beautiful, beachy waves

Classic, covetable curls

For the rest of us who need to size up our options and decide on the sort of curl we wouldn’t mind waking up to every morning, you’ll need to read this next little bit first.

What to consider?

Size Matters

The thicker the barrel, the bigger the… curl, obvs. When picking your curler it’s worth taking note of the dimensions of the barrel, because if you’re after tight ringlets you’ll need to go for the thinnest you can find, or if you want cascading waves then opt for larger barrel sizes. If you’re a bit of a free spirit and like to play around with more than one type of curl, you’ll want to opt for a more versatile curling tool, such as a wand with a diameter of around one inch. This will mean that you get to create small curls by tightly wrapping the hair, or more open, beachy waves by loosely wrapping the hair around the wand.

The Shape

Another important feature about the curler itself, is the shape. Nowadays your can find curlers in all sorts of unique shapes, but the ideal shape for a full-bodied curl is an oval shaped curler. Stylers with this shape are a great versatile tool as they can create the majority of curl types that are guaranteed to go down a treat with your Insta followers, not to mention save you some money too as you won’t need to buy a styler for each type of curl.

Wands vs Tongs

Now that you’ve got the shape and size down, it’s time to consider which styler would be your perfect match. Wands vs tongs has been a debate for years, and we reckon it’s up there with the blue or white dress drama circa 2015. The truth is, it actually comes down to personal preference, which is good news as you can choose whatever you get along with better. Tongs have a spring-lever that holds the ends of your hair in place as you twist your hair around it – perfect for those who find it hard to wrap their hair around the wand as they curl. Wands are the more traditional style as they don’t include the extra help of the clamp.

What to look for

Safety first

Don’t worry, there’s no need to grab your hard hat and safety boots just yet as there are rigorously tested safety features in all ghd hair styling products. Our professional stylists recommend purchasing curlers that automatically turn off after 30 minutes to an hour of not being used. With these features, you’ll never have that horrible ‘Did I turn my curlers off?!’ thought halfway through your night out.

Ceramic coating

Try and be on the look out for curlers with ceramic coating. Older styling tools have metal plates which over time can damage your hair, whereas ceramic coated plates feature the latest technology that helps protect your hair from heat damage, while still giving you that salon-style ‘do.

A cool tip

For greater ease when curling your hair, look for wands and tongs with cool tips/ends so that you can hold both ends of your curler. This allows you to have greater control over the type of curls you create and get that insta-worthy look every time.

Another indicator of the best curling tongs are their heat settings. The most versatile options on the market have different heat settings that will ensure you’ll get those beautiful, flowing waves no matter what your hair texture is. For those after a curler that will cause the least amount of heat damage, a large amount of research has shown that the optimum temperature for styling most hair types is around the 185 degrees mark which, yep you’ve guessed it, is the exact same temperature the ghd Curve range reaches.

So now that you’ve got a pretty good idea about the perfect curler for your hair (we hope) and how to tell the best from the rest, it’s time to have a look at some of the curling tongs and wands as picked out by the pros.

For big, open curls

Big loose curls have been trending for a while now, but it seems to be an ever hotter trend RN amongst soo many celebs and influencers. Our stylists fed back that they’ve seen a flurry of guests popping in for blow dries that’ll give ‘em big, bouncy curls. So, to achieve this style at home, you’ll need a curling iron with a large barrel diameter and a lil hairspray to set those big, beautiful curls in place.

ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

The ghd Curve® Soft Curl Tong is the ideal curler for creating those tumbling glam waves in long to medium length hair. With a large 32mm barrel and spring-activated lever, this curling tong is the best option for those who may have found curling their hair difficult with a wand.



ghd Curve® Classic Wave Wand

Achieve hair that wows with every movement with this curling wand from ghd. It has an oval shape that gives your curls added movement and style, making it stand out from other wide-diameter curling wands on the market. Further down this guide, we’ve also reviewed the smaller version of this wand, but this particular curler is ideal for those with a longer to medium hair length.



For beautiful, beachy waves

A favourite in the influencer world with the likes of Lydia Millen rocking this look extremely well. Popular among women with long, medium and even shorter length hair are beachy waves. This look is natural for a lucky few – hashtag hair envy – and sought after by many, but with one of these wands in your hands, you’ll be able to create this gorgeous look over and over again, in no time at all.

ghd Curve® Creative Curl Wand

One of the most common problems with creating beachy waves is inconsistency in the curls due to uneven heat distribution throughout the curling wand. If this has made it hard for you to recreate this timeless style, then this ghd curling wand is the answer to your prayers. With the innovative oval wand shape that creates curls with a little extra volume, the tri-zone® technology that’s featured in all of the ghd curlers ensures even styling from root to tip.



ghd Curve Soft Curl Tong

Whether you’re after classic Hollywood curls or simple beachy waves, a variety of different styles are easy to create with these tongs (which is why we’ve featured it twice!). The 32mm barrel is ideal for creating a range of styles, and the spring-activated lever makes it easier for those of us who sometimes struggle to get even curls. A great choice for getting open, volumized curls, this tong is a great introductory tool for anyone looking for their first curler, or would like a good allrounder.



For classic, covetable curls

Classic curls are a distinct style that has been hugely popular for decades. Traditional overnight methods including rags of damp cloth, old shirts or headbands are popular online, however their results can be unpredictable and hard to fix – no one wants to be walking around with uneven ringlets, all curling in different directions! For long classic curls that turns heads, there is one simple choice: ghd Classic Curl Tong.

ghd Curve Classic Curl Tong

This smaller sized curling tong is the ideal styling tool for creating perfect, consistent curls for a classic style as well as injecting your hair with a bit of va-va-volume, even on shorter hair. With a medium-sized 26mm barrel to make sure your curls aren’t too tight or too open you can master your very own, perfect curled look.



Final Word

So, there you have it, our guide to the perfect curler. And nope the excuse of ‘my hair just doesn’t curl’ is no longer valid. The brains at ghd have hooked you up with the ultimate ghd Curve range so you can curl your hair with ease.

We’re sure you’ll love the range as much as us but if you need any more convincing before you head to our online shop, just remember that you’ll benefit from FREE next day delivery for spending over £50. Yay 😊

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By: Sonia Husain

On: May 14, 2019

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