Style Wars 2011

The first Style Wars competition took place this weekend and what better time to show off the talent of our top stylists, than during London Fashion week?

Over the past few months we’ve scaled the length of Britain to find the top Supercuts stylists from our 176 stores, who would then battle it out in London to be named the Style Wars 2011 winner.

Our finalists could pick one of three categories to enter; cut, cut and colour and men’s hair – demonstrating two different styles in their chosen category. The first was ‘commercial accessible fashion’ that our customers can get from any Supercuts branch. The second was a ‘No Rules!’ style where stylists could let their imagination run wild and create a style that was totally off the wall.

It was at the competition finale we saw all our contestants ‘No Rules!’ creations. Through the haze of hair spray we snuck back stage to see how our contestants create these amazing looks. Favourite products from the day were the Design Line wax, hairspray and volumisers. We also saw a lot of back combing, crimping, straightening and curling.

After a long day’s styling the judges decided that the winner of Style Wars 2011 was… Christopher Pasco from Supercuts Northampton with his ‘Disco Inferno’ look. Christopher will be working with the creative team on the Your Hair photo shoot.

Our two runners up were Ryan Edge from Supercuts Bullring Birmingham and Monika Malnarova from Supercuts Edgware. Both will have the opportunity to work at the Central Saint Martins MA Show in February 2012 with the L’Oreal Professionnel Portfolio session team back-stage at London Fashion Week.

The talent this year has been extremely strong and we have seen some wonderful creations so a big thank you to all our contestants, judges and our Supercuts creative team for all your hard work.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: September 22, 2011

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