Style Wars – The Winner’s Story

This Week we caught up with our Style Wars winner Chris Pasco from Supercuts Northampton and asked him about his Style Wars experience.

How did it feel to win Style Wars 2011?

Really good! It’s been an absolutely fantastic experience. It was the fist time I entered and it has really inspired all my staff. It’s also great for other Supercuts salons in the area because normally things like this are won by people from London, Birmingham or Manchester.

In the run up to the competition, did you always know the look you wanted to go for?

Yes. I have been into pastels for a while especially after I attended the Redken Connect show. I was inspired by pastels on pre-lightened hair and noticed this season that hair is all about width over the height of the hair. I wanted to make sure my look incorporated these elements without being ‘costumy’.

What ideas do you have planned for the Your Hair competition?

I’m going to wait until I know what the model is like and how brave they are. I would like to nod towards what I did for Style Wars by incorporating some pastels and coppers throughout the hair. I’m just hopeful the model is up for it. Ultimately I want to make them feel special and give them a look they’ll love.

What does the future hold?

Well I have been a manager of Supercuts Northampton for 5 years now so my next goal is to become part of the Supercuts creative team. So watch this space.

Don’t forget to check back later this month to see what look Chris gives the winning readers of the Your Hair Competition. The competition closes on Friday 7th October so if you haven’t entered click here for more information

By: Supercuts HQ

On: October 4, 2011

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