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What do Bridget Bardot, Blondie and Sienna Miller all have in common? Apart from all being on our dream dinner party guest list, they’re also linked by the fact their hair dominated a decade. From the fringe-lined 70s, through to the punk 80s then boho 90s, the work of these figures shines on, but it’s their iconic cuts that really stand the test of time for us.


Bridget Bardot

When it comes to hair, it goes without saying that everyone’s always looking for the next new thing. From ombré to balayage, pastel shades to rebellious roots, hair trends over the past few years have moved at lightning speed. Keeping up with ever-changing styles is exciting, but what if the real secret to next season’s massive trends lies in the past?

Babies born in the 70s, 80s or 90s will know that there was nothing edgier than when singer Blondie came out on stage with a razor-sharp bob, and there was nothing sexier than French actress Bridget Bardot’s lash-grazing fringe. Moving into the 90s saw the arrival of Sienna’s cool loose waves for girls and plenty of texture for guys. So when there are such iconic looks from these decades, there’s no need to entirely reinvent the wheel to achieve that enviably cool cut.

The Re:Fresh Collection isn’t about ignoring the future, it’s about creating the future by glancing back to the epic styles of the past and being inspired by the bold and the beautiful. But the secret’s in the name: refresh! Although they’re undeniably iconic, we’ve taken the top cuts from the past and made them cool and contemporary.

From the cut to the styling, we can’t wait to share our timeless looks that’ll make modern-day icons from tired tresses. So all that’s left to decide is which Re:Fresh tribe you fall into…70s, 80s or 90s?

Made for 70s styling?

The 70s, Re:Freshed!

The 70s were a time for letting go! Following the craziness of the late 60s, the vibe relaxed and so did the hairstyles. Hairsprayed do’s turned into longer, more flowing locks and soft curls replaced stiffer styles. Fringes were best worn with a fortnight-late-on-the-cut length, gently grazing eyelashes. Everything just became that little more natural, including the colours. Rich, earthy tones were everywhere, and minimal styling was what people were looking for. Society wanted more freedom and the hairstyles followed suit! Feeling like you could channel these laid-back times in A/W 2018 and beyond? Check how we’ve refreshed this decade with our new collection.

Relaxed hair could be mistaken for hair that’s lacking attention, but that’s not the case with our Re:Fresh Collection. We’ve taken all the best bits of chilled 70s style and created some super sleek, yet low-maintenance do’s to give you the iconic long locks of this decade.  


With the classic 70s centre parting and longer-length fringe, this easy-to-wear style mixes movement with modern copper tones, nodding towards SS19’s big trend of natural hair. Super shiny and clean, this cut is perfect for those who don’t like the preppy, just-left-the-hairdresser feel, but still want a bang-on-trend look to leave them feeling amazing. This look is simple and easy to achieve, particularly if you’ve got straight or slightly wavy hair naturally. Remember, the 70s vibe is all about letting go, so don’t try take your hair too far away from its natural state. 

Copper 70s fringe

Curly hair is often difficult to maintain, but this second look embraces the movement of curls in all their wonderful glory. Again, with a simple centre parting, this cut is worn long and natural, with soft curl ends. Perfect for any colour hair, this look can be enhanced with slight colour on the ends, giving that natural sunkissed glow. Adding slightly lighter ends defines the curls, giving the illusion you’ve spent weeks basking under the summer sun!


Disco curls

Maintaining the ’70s look

So you’ve decided that the 70s is the hair decade of your dreams, you’ve had the chop and are wanting to keep that salon-fresh feel. The best way to maintain your 70s style is condition, condition and condition again. As we’ve said, relaxed cuts can mean an equally relaxed hair care routine, but only if you’ve got a good base to work with. Whether you’ve had colour on the ends or have masses of curls to tame, a strong conditioner is a game-changer for 70s chic. For those maintaining a sleek fringe, but wanting to keep the texture alive, use DESIGNLINE Olive Oil Conditioner, as it’ll protect your hair’s natural moisture without weighing it down with heavy products.

Demanding curls, on the other hand, need TIGI Bed Head Calma Sutra Cleansing Conditioner, which will rejuvenate tired curls and waves, leaving them shiny and bouncy.

If you’ve got fine hair and you fear conditioners may weigh down your flirty flowing locks, why not try a lightweight serum such as Redken Diamond Oil For Normal To Fine Hair. Work 2-3 drops of this life-giving serum into damp hair before styling and you’ll get the glossy ends you’ve been craving without any weight on top. Shine on!

Do you suit the 80s?

The 70s styles are long and free flowing, but if you like something with a big more edge, the 80s may be for you. The 80s was a time for rebellion, with the punk era in full force and bold style leading the way. Fearless colours, patterns and silhouettes dominated, and this included the hairstyles. As with every decade, the 80s saw some looks that are best left in that era! However, the girls who wore jaw-length, choppy bobs and the guys who sported heavy, messy curls were – and still are – bang on trend. Inspired by the 80s explosion of confidence, our Re:Fresh Collection features some effortlessly cool styles, brought right up to date for your next cut:

The 80s, Re:Freshed!

Straight, textured and bold, there’s nothing that says confidence like a sharp bob. This first look is a perfect example of how Blondie’s iconic 80s bob can be glowed up for 2018/19 for those wanting a super fresh cut. For all of the styles in our Collection, length is everything – this bob needs to finish right between the shoulder and jaw line to have maximum impact. We’re colouring with strong but natural tones to keep the look beautifully modern. Wear your hair natural or slightly straightened to avoid over styling. With the subtle texturing and choppy ends, the finish for the below look is youthful, fresh and completely on trend for AW 18 and SS 19.

Straight bob

Natural is bold, and that’s what we’re achieving with this second look. Heavy curls worn confidently have made a big comeback in men’s style, and this is only getting bigger as we move into 2019. The 80s style in men’s hair was simply: hair, but lots of it! And this attitude is felt strongly in this second look where curls have clearly come out on top. Embracing healthy growth and worn with pride, the movements in this style are undone and cool, without a hint of artificial curls in sight! If you’re not naturally curly, check out the next section to see how texture can be added to straight hair to achieve this messy effect.

Gents curly hairstyle

Maintaining the 80s look

If you’re thinking that the icons from the 80s are where it’s at, you’ve got the cut and now you need to keep that style from fading. The best way to achieve the edgy looks of the 80s are by adding texture – the secret ingredient for the effortless finish without it looking over worked.

There are so many ways to get texture into hair, from salt sprays to moulding muds, jellies to wax – it’s about finding out which works for your hair type. Some hair naturally has a lot of texture, whereas some quickly fall flat. If you’ve got a lot of natural texture in your hair, it’s likely to have come from colouring or treating it, so making sure the condition of the hair is maintained. Try EIMI Texture Pearl Styler – a styling gel that can be tousled into hair to achieve that slight texture with a glossy shine finish.

When recreating the guys look at home, use Sebastian Texture Maker – it’s the 2.0 of a classic salt spray – lightweight and will lock a style in for as long as you need. Ideal for making sure those curls don’t bounce out of control!

If you struggle with the opposite problem and are looking to volumize your hair in true 80s fashion, pick up a pot of American Crew Boost Powder. Sprinkle into roots and watch your hair appear fuller thicker, making it easy to achieve a generous crop of hair.

Are the 90s calling you?

When the iconic 80s came to an end, the 90s hair trends stepped up in an understated fashion. 90s grunge looks brought the volume and silhouettes down, but their impact was still high. The second-day feeling was a mantra to live by, and each style was designed to look as effortless as possible. This was the decade that saw Nirvana make the grungy, edgy look mainstream and, as always, hair trends lead the way.

Any hairstyle that made you look as if you’d put minimal effort in was popular – although we all know they’re the most difficult styles to achieve! And with icons such as Kate Moss, Sienna Miller and Justin Timberlake running the 90s show, there are plenty of iconic looks that we’ve adapted in our new Collection. Thinking you might suit a cut based on a cool 90s feel? Check out our Re:Freshed looks:

The 90s, Re:Freshed!

We can’t create styles influenced by the on-trend 90s and ignore the absolutely iconic boho beach waves, sported by everyone from Sienna Miller to Drew Barrymore.

Undone and beautiful, these effortless waves are inspired by the bohemian spirit of the decade, but with a sleek, modern finish. With soft layering and tousled texture, this look frames the face in an elegant and cool way. It’s totally perfect for those wanting to add some attitude to mid-length or long hair without it looking over-styled. Sexy and modern, it suits every occasion from the office through to the bar – ideal if you like a low maintenance style. 

Undone waves

However, our favourite 90s look by far is the second-day look – achieved with a careful use of texture and shaping around the face. The second-day look doesn’t mean unkempt, it says that you were too busy having fun last night to wash your hair in the morning!

The best way to get this style is to add subtle shaping to your cut – ensuring that the hair falls heavy and blunt around the face. Coloured with natural, earthy tones, this is a style that channels the off-duty 90s model feel – and who doesn’t want that?

Second day hair

The boys of the 90s knew that short sides were the key to getting that ultimate edgy feel, and this style captures that edge perfectly. This textured crop is masculine and easy to maintain, whilst clearly giving a cool nod to the on-trend 90s. The best way to keep this look fresh is to make sure the top gets some TLC – think quality texture products and a good cleansing shampoo.

Textured gents hair

Maintaining the 90s look

If you’ve been naturally blessed with gentle waves, lucky you! But the majority of us have got to put some effort into forming the perfect curl. Once you’ve had your chop ready for the boho waves look, try wrapping strands of hair around the ghd Classic Wand. The smaller the wand, the tighter the look, so take a healthy amount to avoid the ringlet trap. Remember to never use a styling product without heat protection, so when you’re styling your hair use Paul Mitchell Heat Seal to lock the moisture into your tresses.

For any 90s inspired style, you’ll need a good cleansing shampoo, so when you get home try Matrix Biolage CleanReset Shampoo – it’s build-up free so will keep your 90s inspired hair looking cleaner for longer.

And now you’re all set! Pop into one of our salons and let us know which Re:Fresh tribe you’re ready to join!

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