Summer Hair SOS

It’s holiday season and we’re all excited, but did you know that hot temperatures and the sun’s UV rays can leave your hair looking and feeling frazzled?

To keep your hair looking dazzling and feeling silky smooth, just follow my simple summer rules.

1.    Keep Your Colour Looking Cool
Ideally you should leave at least two weeks between colouring your hair and going on holiday. This helps prevent chlorine from affecting your hair.
Colour hair needs dedicated shampoos and conditioners to protect it. Regis’ Designline Ultimate Radiance range contains UV filters which stops your coloured locks burning out in the heat of the sun.

2.    Poolside Manner
Before getting into the pool, shower your hair with clean water. This helps your hair absorb less chlorine than it would if it was dry. Rinsing your hair afterwards also helps towards removing impurities.
However to remove excess chlorine in your hair without stripping vital moisture use Regis’ Designline Ultimate Radiance Shampoo (£8.99) and Leave-In Conditioner (£7.99). The conditioner is also a great de-tangler for everyone, including the kids.

3.    Keep Your Hair Moisturised
Dry hair is a big problem during the summer, extended exposure to UV rays can leave your hair dehydrated. Regis’ Designline Cashmere range is especially designed to soften, repair and strengthen dry hair.
The Designline Cashmere Shampoo (£9.99) provides nutrients to smooth and soften the dry hair, while the Designline Cashmere Conditioner (£10.49) provides deep moisturising properties to restore strength and elasticity.

4.    Post-beach Treatment
When you return from holiday, add an in-salon conditioning treatment to your next visit to Supercuts. Our treatments start from just £3.95 and are the perfect remedy for lacklustre hair.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: August 3, 2012

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