The 8 Hair Mistakes You Might Be Making

When it comes to taking care of your hair, experts will often tell you what you should be doing, but not what you shouldn’t do. It’s easy to fall into bad habits with our haircare, but small changes can make a BIG difference to the overall look and feel of our locks. Take a look at our list of common hair mistakes below – are you guilty of any of these?

Hair Mistake 1: Blow drying your hair when it’s soaking wet.

If you’re getting ready in a hurry, it can often be tempting to start blowdrying your hair as soon as you get out of the shower. However, we should actually be waiting until our hair is around 60-70% dry before we use heat on it. Not only does blowdrying wet hair increase your chances of heat damage, it also takes longer to dry and could lead to less smooth results. If you need to speed up the process of air-drying your hair, we recommend using kitchen towel to absorb excess water before reaching for the hairdryer. Products such as Redken Pillow Proof can also speed up your blow drying time so you’ll make back the time you lost waiting for it to dry naturally. Hurray!

Hair Mistake 2: Avoiding going for a trim. 

Trying to grow your hair but don’t seem to be getting anywhere? It could be because you’re not getting your hair trimmed enough. It might seem counter-productive to get your hair cut when you’re trying to grow it, but keeping the dead ends off will help your hair grow longer and healthier. If you make the mistake of avoiding trims, your hair will likely snap off at the split ends, giving the illusion that it’s not growing at all.

Hair Mistake 3: Washing hair too often.

Although the needs of our scalp and hair do vary from one person to the next, most of us don’t need to wash our hair everyday. In fact, doing so can strip the hair of some of its natural oil, making it too reliant on regular shampoo and conditioner. If you like the feeling of freshly washed hair, try out a dry shampoo such as EIMI Dry Me to get you through an extra day between washes.

Hair Mistake 4: Rubbing wet hair with a towel.

Another common mistake people make when they get out of the bath or shower is to rub their hair dry with a towel. While towel drying is kinder to our hair than heat, rubbing it when wet can cause damage and frizziness. To avoid making this mistake, pat your hair dry rather than rubbing.

Hair Mistake 5: Not using heat defence spray.

We know it can be a bit boring, but it’s so important to use heat defence spray every time you use heat on your hair. And we mean every time. There are plenty of heat defence products to choose from – take a look at our full range here.

mistakes 2Hair Mistake 6: Letting brushes/appliances get dirty. 

If you don’t seem to be getting the results you’re used to from your hair tools, it could be that they’ve just got a bit grubby. Hair dryers are particularly prone to gathering dust in the back, and a build-up of product can also create a layer of grime on hair straighteners and brushes. Keep everything fresh by washing your brushes around once a month and wiping your straighteners with a damp cloth regularly (when they’re turned off, of course!)

Hair Mistake 7: Holding products too close to the hair. 

We all know that using straighteners or curlers on wet hair is a no-no, and this rule still applies if the wetness is caused by product. While using heat protection spray is a must, be careful not to hold the can too close to the hair when you spray it to avoid that sizzle.

Hair Mistake 8: Ignoring the cool setting.

Ever wondered what the point of cool setting on your hairdryer actually is? You’re not alone, but you’re missing out on a fantastic feature that can seriously improve your hair game. A quick blast of cool air after you’ve styled it will actually set the look.

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By: Claire Cavanagh

On: July 17, 2016

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