The Fuse Collection: Behind the Scenes

This week, we’ve been SO excited to finally share with you all our brand new image collection: Fuse. Inspired by fashion, music, trends and sub-culture, the collection contains five head-turning looks – each with its own unrivalled personality and style. Fuse is for the next generation of trend leaders,  with styles that are effortlessly cool and still totally wearable.

We shot our new collection back in May, at the TIGI studios in Battersea, London. Five beautiful models, a team of talented hair stylists, and a crew made up of the the best photographers, makeup artists and stylists helped bring the collection to life. With our Creative Director, Kieron Fowles, leading the day, our five head-turning looks were created: #BohoBeaut, #RockinRodi, #GraphicTexture, #PrettyGrunge and #UrbanCute.

Check out the video below and browse through the images for a behind-the-scenes look at #SupercutsFuse.

Supercuts Fuse: Behind the Scenes

BTS Fuse 2BTS Fuse 1BTS 28BTS 7 BTS 4 BTS 5BTS 8BTS 6BTS 3BTS 9 BTS 11BTS 16BTS 14BTS 26BTS 19 BTS 21BTS 15BTS 10BTS 12BTS 13BTS 16BTS 17BTS 18BTS 24BTS 20 BTS 23

To see the Fuse collection in full, visit our Facebook page.

By: Claire Cavanagh

On: July 27, 2016

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