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As much as we pine for Summer weather 10 out of 12 months in the year, it can actually wreck havoc on our hair. Exposing our hair to the elements, particularly during the warmer season, can weaken hair causing it to become dry and brittle. Whilst you thoroughly enjoyed yourself basking in the sun, sea and sand, its probably taken it’s toll on your hair in the post-summer aftermath. You see, chlorine, sea-salt and over-exposure to the sun causes breakage and rapid colour fade. Definitely not what you had on your summer wish-list, right? Now that the seasons are changing, it’s time to invest in a hair detox that’ll restore your strands to their former, healthier and happier self.

We quizzed our stylists to determine the 3 top things you need to do to get your hair back into shape and ready for the colder months ahead in this straight forward post-summer hair detox guide. And you’ll be surprised at how easy some of these tips really are.

1. Remove product build up

We recommend: Pureology Purify Shampoo

If you regularly use styling products like hair spray, serums and oils, or you find that you’ve relied a little too heavily on dry shampoo during the summer months, you need to make sure you’re thoroughly removing the excess product build up with a specialised shampoo. ‘Normal’ shampoos are not as cleansing as your scalp needs them to be when it comes to removing rigid product build-up, which is why we recommend investing in a tough (but gentle) cleansing shampoo.

Pureology Purify Shampoo 250ml
Pureology Purify Shampoo

The Pureology Purify Shampoo is a detox shampoo that systematically targets product build up and leaves hair perfectly clean and revitalised. It’s packed with a unique blend of organic botanicals and sooth camellia, sesame and shea butter oils, which not only helps to protect your colour and maintain that salon-looking vibrancy but also injects some well-needed shine to your hair.

 “The Pureology Purify Shampoo does exactly that… it purifies hair! It’s great for removing product build up and really cleansing those tough spots. It leaves hair lovely and clean, but not stripped. It smells great too which is always a plus for my guests!” – Jacob, Salon Manager, Birmingham

Tip: Use this sulphate-free shampoo once a week for cleansed hair which looks and feels refreshed and revitalised.

2. Use a treatment

We recommend: Moroccanoil Hair and Body Duo

Moroccanoil’s signature Treatment Oil is a cult hair care product that our stylists say is sure to transform your tresses. Instantly absorbing into your hair, rather than creating a greasy barrier on the surface of your hair like a lot of other oils, this treatment helps to restore shine as well as strengthen your strands. Put some time aside each week to use this oil as a treatment or to simply style your hair daily to combat frizz and flyaways. Either way, you won’t be disappointed. It’ll leave your hair instantly glossy with long-term nourishment, without leaving behind any trace of residue.

Moroccanoil Hair and Body Duo

BONUS: get a Moroccanoil Body Oil in this neat Duo giftbox, designed to achieve that beautiful dewy skin that looks like it’s been doused in highlighter shimmer.  The Dry Body Oil is formulated especially for dry skin, so when applying try to concentrate the oil on your dry skin patches, working outwards towards other areas. This little wonder bottle will leave your skin feeling silky smooth.

 “Apart from the amazing smell, the Moroccanoil Treatment Oil is my no.1 at-home nourishing product. I can’t recommend it highly enough – the hype is real guys! The formula is lightweight so it doesn’t weigh your hair down at all and leaves it feeling healthy and smelling fabulous! Combined with the silky and nourishing feeling of the Body Oil your skin will be just as amazing too!” – Lauren, Salon Manager, Corby

Tip: Apply a small amount of Moroccanoil through damp hair and style as usual, or use on dry hair to tame frizz and flyaways. Apply a thin layer of Moroccanoil Dry Body Oil directly onto skin immediately after showering and lightly massage in an upward circular motion. Repeat as desired.

3. Create a repair routine

We recommend: Evo Mane Attention

We absolutely LOVE every product Evo have created to date, we’re strong advocates so it’s no surprise really that they made it into our guide. This little beauty is an intense protein reconstructor that helps to repair and strengthen your hair. So if you want people to describe your hair as soft, smooth and shiny, you definitely need to incorporate this into your repair routine.  Not only does it noticeably reduce frizz and flyaways but it also helps detangle your mane and improve manageability. It’s especially great for damaged and brittle hair, as well as chemically treated hair.

Evo Mane Attention Protein Treatment
Evo Mane Attention Protein Treatment

“Our guests have been raving about this product ever since we introduced it into salons! It’s a very rich hair treatment – high in protein – which is great if you want to soften your hair to reveal incredible shine and silky-smoothness!” – Kieron Fowles, Creative Director

Tip: Simply apply to wet hair, leave for 5 minutes (make yourself a coffee perhaps?) and rinse out thoroughly. Trust us, it’s not a faff, because once you’ve seen the results you’ll be counting down the days until you get to apply it again. Our stylists recommend creating a weekly repair routine, with EVO’s Mane Attention firmly at the top of your treatment list.

So there you have it…

Our sure fire way of ridding your hair of tough product build up and bringing back some well needed nourishment and strength into your strands. Follow our stylist tips and your hair will be ready to tackle the colder months ahead in no time at all.

By: Mandy Bisla

On: August 28, 2019

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