The Selfie-Lovers Buying Guide: Christmas 2018

We all know someone who’s selfie-obsessed. It doesn’t matter whether you’re at the beach, walking in the woods or out shopping with a bunch of friends; they’ve always got their phone out, and they never stop searching for the perfect backdrop. Sure, they have hobbies and interests outside of Instagram, but you know it’s their secret passion, and you’re all-too aware of the fact that they’re always on the hunt for products that’ll up their selfie game.

You’d think these self-confessed selfie-lovers would be easy to buy for, but they have an irritating habit of stockpiling some seriously top-end beauty essentials, and it’s often super-tough to find something that isn’t already sitting on their bathroom shelves.

Lippy, foundation, the best concealers money can buy – they seem to have it all, which makes shopping for their Xmas presents a real challenge.

To help you find the perfect gift, we’ve put together a special edit that showcases some of our favourite, selfie-friendly Christmas gift sets. We’ve included some top-end shampoos, serums and masks – because hair is every bit as important as makeup – and we’ve also featured some limited-edition beauty products too.

These are some of our favourite hair and beauty gift sets from 2018, so you’re sure to find something that’ll put a smile on your selfie-loving friend’s face. Better still, some of these sets are hot off the press, so there’s literally no chance they’ll get them before you can gift them!

Wella Professional Care elements gift set

Salon-fresh hair can make a selfie, which is why we couldn’t leave this gift set out of our edit. Inside, you’ll find three fabulous products: A salon-quality shampoo, a conditioner and a smoothening oil that is 100% guaranteed to make your selfie-lover grin from ear to ear.

All three products are designed to work with any hair type. They’re paraben free – which means no nasty scalp rash – and they’re deeply nourishing, which means they’ll always leave your friend’s hair looking sleek and vibrant.

The shampoo is actually a favourite here in the Supercuts office, and the conditioner is designed to work its way down into individual hair fibres, so that it can nourish and rejuvenate without leaving a sticky residue.

It’s the smoothening oil that really steals the show though: Combining camellia oil and white tea extract, it completely rejuvenates your hair in a matter of seconds – adding gloss and shine that’s perfect for that pre-selfie pick-me-up.

Wella Professional Care elements gift set
Wella Professional Care elements gift set

Wella Professional Care Invigo Brilliant & Beautiful you

Does your selfie-addict sport dyed hair? If so, this collection of three, high-performance hair products would make a fantastic Christmas gift. Open up the box and you’ll find a colour protect shampoo, a nourishing conditioner and the same hair mask we were obsessing over earlier.

The colour protect shampoo is an incredible find in its own right: Offering gentle, cleaning power that will wash away dirt without damaging the cuticle layer, plus a keratin-enriched formula that’s designed to protect against the environmental pollutants that cause most dyes to fade away.

It’s even better when it’s used with Wella’s colour protect conditioner though, and the glossy hair mask is a perfect finishing touch. Using this gift set, your chosen selfie-queen will be able to prolong the life of her hair colour, and keep things looking nice and vivid for those perfect snaps.

Wella Professional Care Invigo Brilliant & Beautiful you
Wella Professional Care Invigo Brilliant & Beautiful you

Wella Professional Care Fusion Gift Set

Yes, it’s another Wella gift set, but trust us; this one is definitely worth talking about. Combining a salon-quality shampoo with a fantastic conditioner and a protective hair mask, it’s designed to protect and rejuvenate damaged hair. It’s a great option if your selfie-lover is constantly battling split ends or frizz, and it’s absolutely indispensable if the cold winter weather is making their hair a bit brittle.

In fact, all of the products featured in this gift set are regularly recommended by our salon stylists, so if your looking for a sure-fire win, look no further. The shampoo is streets ahead of most commercial products – providing a blend of silk amino acids and nourishing oils that can strengthen and repair damaged hair.

The Fusion conditioner is another must-have; providing a delicate balance of amino acids that are designed to penetrate the cortex of your hair, and start fixing long-term damage. Used in combination with the Fusion shampoo, it’ll leave damaged hair feeling smooth and elastic, as well as preventing further breakage.

The Oil Reflections hair mask rounds things out nicely – adding gloss and shine to rejuvenated hair. Since frizz, split ends and dry hair are a selfie-lover’s worst nightmare, we think this is one of the best picks for any photoholic.

Wella Professional Care Fusion Gift Set
Wella Professional Care Fusion Gift Set

ILAH Brow Travel Kit

Know what’s guaranteed to kill the perfect selfie? Poor brow game. To make sure your selfie lover is never caught short, gift them this compact, travel-sized brow kit from ILAH.

Because it’s all packed into a nifty little case, this brow kit will slip into any handbag or coat pocket. Better still, it’s crammed with top-quality products, including 3 different brow powders, 3 brow stencils and a brow balm.

The powders will all double-up as eyeshadow if you’re in a tight spot, and the brow balm is a great way to add instant definition to your look. The brush is nothing to be sniffed at either, in fact, it’s one of the best compact brow brushes we’ve ever used, and that’s saying something!

All in all, we think this kit contains everything you need to keep your brows on point, and it’s perfect for using while your on-the-go too. If you know a selfie-lover that likes to take snaps while they’re out and about, they’re sure to appreciate this great little travel kit.

ILAH Travel Kit
ILAH Brow Travel Kit

Nouveau Lashes Lash & Brow Conditioning Serum

Nouveau Lashes have a reputation for producing some of the best brow treatments in the business, and their conditioning products are used in professional salons all over the world. If you’re looking to spoil a selfie-addict this Christmas, you should definitely take a look at their Lash & Brow conditioning serum.

Not only is this fantastic little conditioner 100% cruelty free, it’s also formulated to provide a complex of multivitamins that will protect and condition brows. It adds definition to any look, and it’ll also make brows look fuller, which is always great for close-up camera work.

More to the point, it can be used every day, and it’ll actively protect delicate hair follicles from oxidative damage, which is ideal for those of us that want to focus on preserving our good looks. Sure, it’s subtle, but it’s an incredibly effective product and a real treat for anyone that wants to take stunning selfies.

Nouveau Lash and Brow Serum
Nouveau Lash and Brow Serum

OPI Nail Calender

Nails are rarely the focus of a selfie, but bright varnishes always add a nice pop of colour, which explains why most photoholics keep a choice selection of ‘paints on-hand at all times. In fact, most selfie-addicts seem to horde nail varnishes, which is one of the main reasons that buying for them is so hard.

Luckily, they won’t have anything quite like this. Produced by OPI, this one-of-a-kind advent calendar contains 24 dazzling colours, including 12 limited-edition nail varnishes that you won’t find anywhere else.

Because they’re produced by OPI, all of these nail paints benefit from a depth of colour that’s perfect for selfie-addicts. They’re also hard-wearing and incredibly versatile; offering hours of perfect protection, and a reliable source of contrast that’ll help your chosen recipient to make the most of any selfie opportunities.

More importantly, there’s a colour to suit every look in this advent calendar – from vivid reds, and deep greens, right through to frosty, ice-blues. There’s even a couple of pearlescent shades that’d be perfect for winter-themed selfies.

The Disney theme gives it universal appeal too. After all, who doesn’t love a good fairytale story?

OPI Advent Calendar

Redken You’ve Got The Power Gift Set

The worst thing about a professional cut and style is definitely the fact that your salon-fresh look won’t last forever. Luckily, the boffins over at Redken have put together this brilliant gift set, which is designed to prolong that fresh-out-the-chair hair for weeks on end.

Open the (rather snazzy) box and you’ll be presented with a salon-quality shampoo, a matching conditioner and a leave-in hair mask that’s great for winter weather. For day to day use, the shampoo literally couldn’t be better: It’s loaded with nourishing proteins that are designed to add volume and vigour to all types of hair.

Used in conjunction with its conditioning counterpart, this shampoo is capable of prolonging that salon-fresh glimmer; giving your selfie-addict all the time they need to capture the moment. Because it’ll help to cut down on frizz and flyaways, the leave-in conditioner is great for winter snaps too. In fact, this salon-quality product is an absolute must-have for the colder months, and it’s light enough to sit in your hair without leaving any residue too.

If you know someone that’s always fighting to maintain the perfect style, this gift set from Redken is sure to go down a storm. It’s also a great pick for people that struggle with those cold, dry winters.

Redken You've Got The Power Giftset
Redken You've Got The Power Giftset

Redken Blondes Do It Better Gift Set

This is a bit of a niche one, but if the selfie-lover in your life has dyed blonde hair, there really isn’t a better gift. Another example of Redken’s unparalleled grasp of hair-science, this gorgeous boxed set contains three hair products that are designed to brighten blonde hair.

There’s a Blondage shampoo (yes, you read that wrong the first time) which is designed to tone and strengthen blonde hair, as well as using a special ultra-violet pigment to bring out a little extra vibrancy. There’s also a Blondage conditioner, which is designed to smooth and protect the hair cuticle – so that colour stays locked in the cortex – and a unique treatment spray called One United, which is designed to enhance the effects of other, Redken products.

And if you use all three in conjunction? Vibrant, blonde hair that’ll keep its just-dyed look. Since the camera is well-known for sucking the colour out of blonde hair, this collection is a must-have for any blonde that struggles with selfie-fever. It’s also a brilliant collection of blonde-friendly hair products in its own right, so if you know any blondes who aren’t selfie addicts, you might still want to pick one up for them too!

Redken Blondes Do It Better Giftset
Redken Blondes Do It Better Gift Set

Redken Soft But Sassy Gift Set

The ultimate pamper pack, this collection of gentle and nourishing hair products is a fantastic way to treat a selfie-queen. It contains everything they’ll need to reinvigorate their look, and it’s also one of those gift sets that says “I really care”.

The stand-out product is definitely Redken’s All Soft shampoo, which combines the brands own Silk-Luxe Complex with ingredients like avocado oil, gold camelina and silk proteins. It’s an incredibly luxurious hair product that softens as it cleans, leaving your hair feeling supple, vibrant and nourished.

The leave-in conditioner is kind of the icing on the cake. In fact, it’s a one-of-a-kind product that boasts 25 different benefits, and it’s one of the few select leave-in conditioners that won’t leave a residue, which makes it perfect for adding a bit of life to tired hair.

No matter who they are, they’re guaranteed to appreciate this gorgeous collection of high-performance hair products, and their hair will thank you too!

Redken Soft But Sassy Giftset
Redken Soft But Sassy Giftset

Still struggling to find a present?

Don’t panic! You’ll find some great deals on our sales page, and we regularly update the We Love section of our site which lists some stand-out products. You’ll also find a selection of Supercuts gift cards on our site, so if you’re really struggling to pick the perfect gift, you could always give them the freedom to choose for themselves.

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On: December 3, 2018

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