Time-Saving Style Tips

Let’s face it, psyching ourselves up to get out of bed is never an easy task, even if we are met by bright sunshine outside, and a long and intensive hair regime doesn’t make it any more appealing. If you’d rather lose the time from anywhere but time snuggled in bed (let’s face it – we all would), we’re here to show you how to shave time off your hair routine without compromising your right to look drop dead gorgeous.

Getting your hair looking fantastic with little effort means keeping it as healthy as you possibly can. Know all those bad hair days you can’t predict? They’re far more likely to happen when your hair is under the weather, so looking after it means out of control hair is less likely to plague your mornings. Invest in a hydrating, nourishing deep conditioner to pump up the manageability of your strands beyond your everyday shower routine. For normal to dry hair, Moroccan Oil is a miracle hair saver – apply it to damp strands and you’ll wake up with hair so silky smooth and effortlessly cool there’s no styling necessary.

Of course, we can’t talk about quick style fixes without some updos, and with the arrival of British Summer Time we think we’re well within our rights to go crazy for Spring styles. Braids are a perennial sunny day favourite, and so versatile. Give your usual topknot something different by braiding your pony before twisting it into a bun and pinning in place, or try a style that stars like Iggy Azalea are loving right now with centre parted french braid pigtails. The best thing about any braided style is that second-day hair works even better than freshly washed strands for making the look last, and no one will suspect you opted for a lie-in for a second.

Short haired girls know that it can be the easiest length to manage on a good day, but on a bad day? It’s hard work! If you’ve woken up with a greasy fringe or flat and lacklustre style, reach for the dry shampoo. It’s not just for lazy days, it gives a huge oomph of body and volume to your style that will make you swear by it more often than you think. After spraying, style your hair quickly to make use of the tacky, pliable texture of the dry shampoo as it sets, then seal your look with some hairspray.

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By: Supercuts HQ

On: March 28, 2014

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