Tips: Choose Your Shampoo

Great hair always starts with the right products, and there’s none more crucial to your haircare regime than your shampoo and conditioner. Providing you with the starting point to your ideal style, everyone’s hair needs different care.

There are some key ways to find out exactly what your hair needs, and pick the right product range to keep your hair looking healthy, and feeling clean, soft and manageable.

Take a look at your texture –

Are you a curly girl, is your hair fine and straight or is it somewhere in between? The curlier and kinkier your natural texture, the more moisture your hair can take without being weighed down. Choose a rich, hydrating formula to give definition to your hair, giving curls shine and bounce. For fine, straight hair, opt for more clarifying, light moisture to keep shine without adding excess oil to your style.

Tailor your choice to your colour –

Coloured hair needs extra care, and protection from the elements. Specially formulated ranges will keep your colour bright and fresh for longer, while still ensuring hair is moisturised and clean. For lightened hair, use a shampoo especially for you blondies, keeping brassy tones at bay and keeping hair soft and tangle-free. Do you rock natural, virgin hair? You can use almost any shampoo and conditioner, so simply choose based on texture and dryness.

Quench hair’s thirst –

The most important thing for diagnosing your hair’s needs is its natural moisture levels. Does your hair get oily, quickly? Then avoid heavily moisturising products and opt for clarifying options. If you have dryness or frizz, choose from smoothing shampoos or specially formulated curl-friendly ranges depending on your needs.

Your stylist is always here to help, so don’t forget to ask them for their expertise while you’re in the salon chair. They’re the perfect people to help diagnose your hair’s perfect choice! See our in salon products here.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: August 8, 2013

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