Tips to Grow Long Hair

We hear from our guests all the time that extra long hair is something they can only dream about, but we believe you don’t have to reach for the extensions to get the length you want. All it takes is some good hair habits, the right products and a dollop of patience to get the enviable locks you want.

Keeping hair healthy and happy is the key to growing glossy length, avoiding split ends and breakage to get the most out of your natural growth. Good hair starts with the right products, so use the right shampoo and conditioner for your hair. Whether you have fine straight hair, thick curly locks or you’re into bold colour you need the right cleansing products. Ask your Supercuts stylist to help recommend the right option using their expert eye. If your hair is try or prone to breakage, indulge it with a nourishing leave in conditioner like Wella Professional Brilliance Leave In Balm to boost nourishment and strength.

Are you a heat styling addict? Make sure you’re using a heat protection product every single time you style (we suggest Redken duo shield RRP £15.80) to reduce the damage caused by applying heat on those days when only straightening irons will do. Try mixing up your style to cut down on how often you rely on heat with salt spray waves or easy updos like braids or topknots. Get used to wearing it up for a while and you’ll be amazed at how far your hair has grown the next time you straighten it!

Tempted to avoid the salon while you grow? Victoria from The Edge knows it’s not the easy option it seems.

“A lot of people stay away from having hair cuts when growing out there hair, but I still advise to have regular trims (around every 8 weeks) to rid any split or damaged ends which can eventually break off, meaning hair is not getting any longer in the end up. Keeping the ends of your hair freshened is a must for healthy length that will last and look good when it grows. Having regular trims can also ensure that you keep your hair in a style that you are happy with while you are pursuing your ideal look, which makes you less likely to give up and have it completely cut off!”

What are your tips for good growth? Tell us in the comments below and share the secret to happy hair days!


By: Supercuts HQ

On: February 26, 2014

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