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Trend Watch: Super Straight

Hands up who’s found the recent 90s – early 00s fashion revival absolutely irresistible? We know we have! There’s one thing left from that era of bleached denim, crop tops and chokers to come back to the mainstream. Guessed what it is? That’s right – super straightened locks.

This time round poker straight hair is all about adding a healthy dose of glossy shine, steering clear of heat-fried ends and substituting them for sharply cut edges and even a little bit of mussed up texture. Seen on catwalks across the world for the past couple of seasons, the reaction to the big bouncy curls of 2010 is a straighter, sleeker look from long centre-parted strands to slick ponytails with no flyaways in sight. Take cues from Kendall Jenner’s catwalk style and make it lush, sleek and straight this Summer.

So how do you get the look without the damage we all remember from the first go around? Thankfully, the technology of heat styling in hair has come a long way since, thanks in no small part to ghd – did you know they launched the brand in 2001? And they’ve kept improving too, offering not only the safest and most effective irons for hair straightening and heat styling, but also throwing in a host of products that boost your styling power. Oh, and of course products that protect your locks from the damaging effects of heat. We know that the 90s saw very little in the way of heat protection for hair!

Try their best-selling straightening styler, the ghd V for exceptional results in straightening. The best part? They’re great for curling too, so you don’t have to splash out twice when you’re ready to switch things up. But before you even allow those heat plates to touch your hair, prep it with Paul Mitchell Heat Seal for protection that doesn’t interfere with your style or cause stickiness.

Not sure how to get it all safely poker straight like the catwalks? Our tip, straighten in inch-wide sections, gradually working round the whole head from the bottom layer until the top.

You’ve used your stylers, it’s looking straight and sleek, now it’s time to seal in your style. We love Designline’s High Gloss Tamer, a serum where a little drop goes a long way to banishing frizz and flyaways.

What about girls whose hair just doesn’t want to play ball with straightening? Whether you’re rocking spirals or even if you have naturally tight afro curls, the ghd Eclipse is designed to straighten even the most resistant textures. Its six sensors, along with super-thin heating plates mean it heats your hair evenly, and only as much as it needs, so even the coarsest textures get straight the safest way possible. Yes, minimal damage for every hair type – not too good to be true, even if it sounds that way.

Want to try a straight style before you buy? Head to your local Supercuts and ask for a gorgeous, straight and sleek blow out today!

By: Supercuts HQ

On: June 11, 2015

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