Wedding Hair Trends

It may have just been the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee but the most exciting event of the year is your Big Day.

This season’s bridal hairstyle is breaking with tradition; will you be inspired by a royal down-do?

Tradition states that brides should wear their hair up for their wedding day, but what if you love wearing your hair down? Perhaps it suits your face shape better or it makes you feel more feminine or that’s just how you like it.

Earlier this year, Reese Witherspoon kept her luscious locks straight with a more relaxed down-do, proving that you can look equally gorgeous wearing your hair down on your special day.

This season’s bridal hairstyle trend adds a touch of glamour to the down-do, so whether you want a more natural bridal hairstyle or love the idea of a hint of glamour here are our inspirational favourites:

1)    Elegant Side Ponytail – A romantic style for longer hair. After adding curls, the hair is pinned just to the left of the nape of the neck. Wrapping and looping some of the strands around the pinned locks adds that extra touch.

2)    Voluminous Waves – An elegant style for all hair lengths. Focuses on creating waves with volume rather than bouncy curls, a sure way to turn heads.

3)    Retro bob – A chic style for shorter hair. The 20s wave works on all hair types and face shapes giving you maximum impact on your special day.

4)    Waterfall braid – A striking style. Braids are back this season with a modern twist. The hair can be straightened or kept tousled, starting from the left the hair is French braided before continuing around the back of the head leaving pieces to create the waterfall effect.

By: Supercuts HQ

On: June 13, 2012

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