What Is Bond Ultim8? Benefits of Colour Bonding

One thing our guests regularly ask us is how they can stop colour from damaging their hair. Well, we’re delighted to announce our brand new service, designed to protect hair not just after, but during the colouring process. The must-have treatment, Bond Ultim8 from Matrix, will leave your hair strong and healthy, even after being exposed to bleach. 

So, why is colour so damaging for our hair anyway? Each strand of our hair is made up of protein structures, which are held together by bonds. During chemical treatments such as perming or colouring, these bonds can become broken and damaged, which is why people often report that their hair feels dry and damaged after having it coloured. Bond Ultim8 is a two-step process that helps prevent the bonds from breaking during colouring, and also protects them against future damage.

How does colour bonding work?

The first step involves your stylist adding the Amplifier formula to your normal hair colour or bleach, and applying as normal. The formula being added into the bleach helps to protect your hair’s bonds while the colour is taking effect. After your colour is rinsed off, the Sealer is then applied to your hair as a deep conditioning treatment that locks in the benefits of the first stage and adds further protection.

Matrix Bibd Ultim8 Results

Following your in-salon treatment, you can also buy a take-home product that you can use weekly in between your colour appointments to keep your hair fibres protected and nourished.

Benefits of colour bonding.

A colour bonding service like Bond Ultim8 has eight key benefits. These are:

– bonds are protected during the lightening process
– there’s no reformulation needed
– no additional time is needed
– hair breakage is prevented
– the hair fibres are preserved
– hair is left deeply nourished
– hair looks healthier than before
– the expected colour lift is maintained

Colour bonding at Supercuts.

At Supercuts, we’re always looking for ways to make our services even better value (yes, this is tricky when our treatments already start from £3.95!) We have just improved our Colour Packages, and we will now be including the Bond Ultim8 treatment for FREE with any colour package. So whether you go for ombre, highlights or an all-over colour, you can have the confidence that your hair will be left looking and feeling great.

By: Claire Cavanagh

On: April 18, 2017

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