Which Colour Package Are You?

Give your hair the ‘lightening effect’ this summer

We’ve all been there when we start to finally see the first glimpse of sunshine and we know that with summer around the corner, that can only mean one thing: summer hair.

“Shall I?”, “Should I?”

We to and fro so much about whether we should lighten our hair for summer that by the time we’ve come to a decision we’re hit by autumn! Well, let’s tackle this together head on this time.

If you’re after a lightened look this year but afraid of taking the plunge, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can still rock a summer style without having to undergo a drastic hair transformation. So, if you’re darker haired you can give your hair that sun-kissed feeling without overhauling your shade completely. Good news, right? If you’re already a shade of blonde, fear not, you can still up the ante this summer without having to spend hours in the salon– so are you ready?

This year we’ve introduced our new colour packages inspired by the Wella professional SS 18 trend Nontouring and Blonde Nontouring.

Not sure what Nontouring (Non-Contouring) is?

Similar to the Nontouring method used in makeup, this technique adds a natural glow and infuses hair with warmth while blending sharp contrast in shapes and texture. This colouring technique allows for statement styles to be softened, harmonizing the lines of the hair style. Colours are mellow and even the most daring cut is transformed into a wearable, flattering look – without compromising on its edginess.

All you need to do is give your hair the ‘lightening’ effect with one of our colour packages – and your hair can be the highlight of your summer… 😉

All of the colour packages below also include a bonding treatment, shampoo and cut & blow dry. 

Colour Package A: Graphic Bronde

If you want to make a statement with flashes of lightened hair that are laced through a deep brunette, then the graphic bronde is the look for you. This low maintenance yet striking style is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. The look has a cute peek a boo bronze effect which accents through the fringe to really showcase the short statement haircut. If you’re after an ultra-modern look that cheekily plays with the idea of going lighter for summer, this is for you. Our stylists will use foils to highlight certain parts of the haircut or simply add soft sun kissed areas around the face. We love this look as it allows movement of the haircut to bring together bold statements or subtle colour to be exposed. Talk about choice!

The technical stuff: you can either opt for a root tint, semi-permanent colour, 8 foils or a shoe shine. But don’t worry, we don’t expect you to know what each of them entail, as your stylist will go through what’s best for you and your hair.

Colour Package B: Focal Bronde

Brighten your hair with cleverly placed ribbons of light around the hair line to really enhance your facial features. This look creates an element of softness whilst adding a three-dimensional modern twist. Lighter hair around your face helps to reflect the light – perfect when teamed up with a killer tan for that natural sun-kissed glow. Hidden panels under the parting help to enhance the hair colour even further, great for those who are looking to maintain a natural look while beautifying it. Our stylists are a clever bunch aren’t they?

The technical stuff: you can either opt for a full head tint or half head highlights (upto 20 foils). A full head tint can really add depth and tone, whilst a half head of highlights can be used to add a bit more separation to any colour as well as giving you that multi-tonal look of highs and lows.

Colour Package C: Natural Bronde

If you’re looking to shift gears this summer with a natural bronde, this is the package for you. This look emphasizes multi tonal shades of brunette that are subtle and sophisticated to create the perfect understated look. Your stylist will expertly place ribbons of light in small sections to really help lift this layered bob. The technique used by our stylists can be crafted to suit you, so you get to enjoy a unique bronde that is personal to you.

The technical stuff: this look means you'll be opting for 8 foils with colour in-between. This will help you fuse your colour from dark to light which continues to be very much on trend.

Colour Package D: Boho Blonde

Continue the lightening effect by transforming your hair to a boho blonde. This particular look was created with a freehand colour technique on long hair to create lighter tones that really brighten the face adding a natural glow to create a modern blonde look. The creamy blonde look is not going anywhere in S/S 19 so you’ll still be bang on trend with this versatile look!

The technical stuff: you can opt for either half head of highlights (upto 20 foils) with colour in between or a free hand colour service. The half head of highlights with colour in between is a great option if you want certain areas that are different in tone but still want that all-over colour. If you opt for the free hand colour service you’ll be releasing the helms and giving your stylist the ability to really personalise your colour. During your consultation you’ll both get to figure out the best bespoke colour placement for you.

Find your local salon

You’ll be pleased to know that as we are not appointment based all you need to do is walk in to your local salon.

See you soon!

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