Winter Hair Care Tips

In the harsh elements of colder months and frizz-making rain, the Winter can be a drag for lovers of pristine hair styling. We firmly believe that all it takes is the right products to keep your style in check, however, so we’ve asked The Edge for their best Winter Hair Care Tips to keep your look fresh and stylish. Oh, and don’t forget that umbrella!


To keep rainy frizz at bay, I recommend and swear by the dry oils that you apply to the mid lengths and ends. This locks in moisture and keeps your locks smooth flowing and frizz free. You also don’t have to work as hard with the straighteners and you still create this smooth look.

To maintain a glossy shine that’s on trend right now, always make sure your hair is thoroughly dry before straightening and don’t forget to use heat protector. This regime keeps the moisture and dampness from the weather at bay and stops hair moisture getting in for that fresh out of the salon look. Use Smooth Down shampoo and conditioner by Redken , this will not only smooth and close the cuticles on the hair, but the Almond oil ingredient also provides that silky, smooth finish.

To keep hair looking healthy and glossy and stop the cold weather damaging it , I would always recommend a deep conditioning treatment at least once week ,wrap this up in a warm towel for half and hour so this penetrates into the cuticle, always have regular trims keeping those split ends at bay and hair will look maintained and healthy. Products I would recommend are Redken the Extreme range or the All Soft range which is keratin enriched. Add a hair mask once a week to strengthen and condition dry unruly hair


A great trick to keep your hair shiny and glossy, a definite trend for part season, is our Colour Gloss service. It gives high shine and great condition for your hair, boosting your shade from blacks to blondes. On non-coloured hair the gloss will enrich your natural hues and tones, leaving your hair looking and feeling healthy. Don’t forget though, a patch test will be required in salon 48 hours before service.

Try an in salon deep conditioning hair treatment to keep your hair healthy in harsh, changeable weather. Not only does this add protein to the hair (which makes each strand stronger and smoother),but also provides moisture.


To beat rainy-day frizz, I swear by Straighten Out by TIGI Bed Head. It will keep hair smooth for 48hours even in 98% humidity, leaving it much more manageable for styling, a frizz free when you’re out on the town. The better condition your hair is in the less it will frizz, so for example if those shorter strands poke out it’s time for a good repair shampoo like Bain de Force by Kerastase or if your hair is regrowing from other factors like pregnancy Nioxin is a great option.

To keep the shine throughout the day you can add Moroccan Oil Glimmer shine spray, which doesn’t weigh the hair down like a normal oil. Don’t think that you should never use heat to boost shine. On healthy hair, it’s a great way to achieve a temporary high-shine look, as stylers like ghds heat the hair allowing the cuticle to be sealed and light to be reflected. Of course, the number one way to keep your hair super shiny is regular trims, dead ends make your hair look dull, which is exactly why your colour looks its best after a cut!


By: Supercuts HQ

On: December 11, 2013

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