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As football frenzy fans place their bets on England winning the coveted World Cup we’re kicking off a highly-staked game of our own – hair game that is.  There is only one more thing that’s more talked about than the fixtures – and that’s footballers’ hair. From outlandish, head-turning styles to whole team make-overs (remember Romania’s bleached head take-over?), footballers’ hair is always a feast for the eyes.

Players’ hair can cause quite a stir too as former Barcelona football star Carles Puyol will testify – his hair was deemed ‘too wild’ for Iranian TV, much to his disappointment. If it’s not controversy, then distraction seems to be the next go-to talking point for footballers’ hair. Ronaldo’s infamous ‘hair island’ was an unusual triangular patch prominently placed at the front of his shaved head. It really did distract us from his injury as he intended – and more importantly inspired him to go on and win the tournament. His hair faux-pas didn’t stop his fans from copying his style though. Now that’s fan loyalty goals.

Ronaldo's hair triangle
Romania world cup 1998
David Beckham
Photo credit: REX

So why are we obsessed with footballers’ hair? Our fascination with players sporting undercuts, mohawks, slick lines and crazy colours is really a love-hate relationship.  You don’t love every style, but it definitely gets you talking about them! The more outlandish the styles the more they are talked about.

It comes as no surprise that the most watched sport on the planet makes it easy for hairstyles to start trending across the globe, case in point David Beckham, the ultimate World Cup hair goals title holder. Beckham graced our screens in ’94 and ever since he’s managed to rock literally every style there is known to a stylist: the mohawk, buzzcut, pompadour, quiff, slick back and the man bun to name a few – oh and hair accessories – remember the time he debuted his long hair and headband back in 2003? Pushing the metrosexual boundaries (remember the sarong?) and creating new hair trends is almost as renowned as Beckham’s football stardom itself.  Nowhere is Beckham’s legacy more apparent than on the heads of the current players – so let’s see how today’s players from around the world match up.


Neymar World Cup 2018
Photo credit: REX
Neymar World Cup 2018 Spagetti Head
Photo credit: REX


Currently sporting a bright blonde pompadour with dark sides and a ‘V’ line shaped in at the back (pictured left), this is actually quite tame for Neymar. Well, it is tame when you compare it to the style he wore when he played his first match in TWC with what some dubbed as ‘spaghetti-head’ (pictured right). What prompted the change of hair style we wonder? Never being one to shy away from brave, outlandish hair – he’s always been on our hair watch-list.

Diego Costa

Photo credit: REX

You might be thinking, okay, it’s an ordinary quiff, sure, but behold the majesty of that beard: just check out the sheer volume, such lustre, such masculinity. If beards had pastimes his would probably be wrestling with a bear in a mountain range somewhere. So, for the hair and beard combo alone, he had to be on our list. Smile Diego – it’s a good thing!

Cristiano Ronaldo

Photo credit: REX

If there’s one player who never ceases to amaze, it’s Cristiano Ronaldo. Needless to say, he is one of the most talked about footballers of today and the conversations stretch way beyond his skills on the pitch… all the way to his hair and even his newly formed goatee. He’s donned some pretty cool ‘dos over the years and with fans aplenty we’re just waiting for this year’s ‘Ronaldo side-line’ to become a prominent request at our salons in the weeks to come. His gradual goatee is beginning to make an appearance too; referencing his aspiring title of the ‘GOAT’ and continued rivalry with Messi. ICYMI watch TWC highlights for his chin-stroking celebrations on the pitch where you can see the emergence of his stubbly pride and joy. Like his skills on the pitch, his immaculate mane (and growing facial hair) tends to stay fresh and pristine, right up to the 90th minute.

Olivier Giroud

Olivier Giroud World Cup 2018
Photo credit: REX

French footballer and Chelsea player Olivier Giroud scored a hattrick recently by scooping up three awards in a World Cup survey carried out by The Bluebeards Revenge. He won world’s most stylish footballer (we can see why) as well as ‘Best haircut’ and ‘Best beard’. Back-of-the-net. You know when you step out with a fresh trim, you’re feeling good, looking good and that sense of invincibility takes over? Well if you have Giroud’s hair prowess you’ll get to enjoy that feeling everyday – he is the definition of hair goals.

Paul Pogba

Our footballer’s hair list would not be complete without Pogba. Ok, so Olivier Giroud may have greeted him by saying ‘Hello, my Pikachu’ back in March with his colourful ‘do (pictured right), which we all (including Pogba) had a little chuckle about, but his humorous hair-dos haven’t stopped critics. One tweeted: “He must spend less time on hair and more time on improving his performance” whilst another tweeted: “At least your haircuts are more consistent than your performance” … ouch. That last one has got to hurt. His tamer ‘do for TWC this year (pictured left) is courtesy of his Surrey based barber, who was especially flown out to Russia for the celebrity hair gig. But hey Pogba, don’t worry about the haters – we’re loving your wacky hairstyles. Who else could pull off leopard spots on the side of their head or a minion inspired hair style?! Only you Pogba, only you.
Pogba World Cup 2018
Photo credit: REX
Pogba Manchester United
Photo credit: REX
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