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X Factor – Live Shows Week 4

It’s week 4 of the live shows, with shocks in the bottom 2 and strong favourites forming every week. The theme this Saturday was disco week and boy did we see some sparkle! With stars like the legendary chic to set the pace in performance and style, there was a lot for the contestants to live up to.

Luke Friend’s hair is starting to grow on people I think, and this week his styling nod to the 70s was a more beaded style than last week’s. Is this going to become a bit of a trend among men? I’m not sure yet.

Hannah and Sam Bailey’s hairstyles both took the hair away from the face, in a very late 70s dance look. It was great seeing Sam wear something new with her sparkly jumpsuit and more youthful styling – and she can dance too! She should definitely be allowed to mix up her look more, she can carry it off so well.

But for me my hair of the week had to go to Tamara for her look on Saturday night. She rocks wild hair, with her tight ringlets and real volume. What a way to make an impact with such a foxy style! It really suited her look and her performance, making her a definite standout for me this week, even if she did have to sing to save herself on Sunday.

Who was your pick for best look this week? Were you sad to see the bouffants of Kingsland Road leave the show? Let us know in the comments.

By: Bradley

On: November 6, 2013

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