Your Guide to Working Short Hair

So you’re toying with chopping off your longer locks and going for a fresh, bold shorter cut? Going for the chop can be a daunting moment, but change is good and we saw go for it! To help you feel confident and prepared, here’s a few of our tips on how to rock a shorter ‘do. Oh, and we promise it can be just as feminine and gorgeous as any long haired style!

For a lot of women tempted by a super short cut, their hesitation comes from thinking it won’t be as versatile as a longer style. We’re firm believers in the fact that that’s just not true! When it comes to styling a cute pixie, an extreme bob or anything in between, products are the key to unlocking a variety of ways to wear it.

Invest in a great quality clay, wax or pomade which will give you the freedom to shape your style in so many ways and completely mix up your look day-to-day.

Using wax to add some piecey texture is a great way to give a classic pixie crop a modern edge. Androgynous quiffs are another way to liven up your look: sweep your fringe up and away from your face, boost the roots with a little backcombing and secure into place. See and shop our favourite product picks at the bottom of the page.

Kaley Cuoco’s gorgeous short cut

Want to imitate Kaley Cuoco’s gorgeous short cut? Add texture with a sea salt spray, then work a matte styling clay through sections of your fringe to add shape and definition to your style.

Speaking of salt spray, why not embrace curly, wavy texture when you go short? Ask your stylist to work the cut around your natural texture for a more relaxed, modern take on short crops. That way you’ve got instant versatility, letting you straighten it when you fancy a change. Work the texture you’re blessed with by lightly applying a mousse into your tresses before blasting it dry, teasing the hair with your fingers instead of a brush.

If there’s one single upside to short hair (apart from far less time spent in the shower!), it’s the freedom to go totally wild with colour. Always wanted a bright, light blonde? With regular cuts and shorter hair, extreme colouring is easier to achieve, so you can have the creative shades you’ve always dreamed of. It’s even easier to change it frequently, too, meaning you can transition your colour with the seasons, without risking lasting damage. Why not head into salon and give one of our semi-permanent pastel shades a try?

Lily Collins’ gorgeous red carpet crop

It’s a myth in our book that short hair can’t be girly. Just look at Lily Collins’ gorgeous red carpet crop! Our top tip is to make sure your beauty routine is always on point. Just like Lily, that means brows, brows, brows!

Check out our brow must-haves from ILAH below, letting you frame your face to perfection and always look well-groomed, even when the occasion isn’t right for a bold lipstick.

Whatever your face shape, hair texture or routine, we’re sure there’s a short cut that can change your life. Visit us at any of our Supercuts salons to get the chop that will make you feel a million dollars, and say a cheerful farewell to those hair ties.

The Your Guide to Working Short Hair range

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By: Supercuts HQ

On: October 5, 2015

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