Colour Package B

This Colour Package is perfect for those looking to revamp their hair with a full head tint or a half head of highlights. Keep things super simple with an all over colour or lighten and brighten aspects of your hair for a seasonal update by opting for this Colour Package.

Our stylists know that with so many types of hair colour services available these days it can be tricky to know what your hair truly needs (and can cope with). There are a lot of factors to take into consideration when deciding on a hair colour: like the overall condition of your hair, length, density, texture, porosity and current colour. That’s why our friendly stylists are always on hand and happy to help you choose the shade that’s right for you, without making you feel like a total dummy!

Although our stylists won’t be able to guarantee the exact hue you’ll end up with because everybody’s hair renders colour differently, they’ll be able to give a pretty good indication of what your hair will be able to handle.


What’s included:

  • A cut and blow dry
  • Bonding treatment
  • Full head tint OR half head of foils



What is it?

A full head tint is a permanent colour which can lighten or darken hair and cover those pesky greys.  Unlike the balayages and ombres of the hairdressing world, this colour service is a straight forward and relatively speedy method – it’s also known as a ‘single process hair colour’ as it only requires, guess what – a single application of colour!

So, there’s no need to go backwards and forwards to the basin for removing a head full of foils or toners and all that malarkey, your stylist will apply one colour all over your head and rinse off as soon as your colour’s developed and ready to be revealed.

Aside from this colour service being a one-step process that coats the hair with a single shade, it’s also the perfect way to render a beautiful, all over colour. But, whatever you do, don’t substitute a professional salon colour for a box dye. We mentioned above just some of the factors our stylists take into consideration when it comes to developing a bespoke hair colour that doesn’t damage your hair or compromise on your colour expectations. In fact, there isn’t a box dye available that will take all of this into account, let alone help you apply it safely at home. Our stylists however can look at your hair’s current condition, as well as any previous treatments, and customize a colour service that will help you achieve your ultimate #hairgoals. So, put the box dye down once for all, and trust #teamsupercutsuk with a full head tint!

Results and Wear

Commitment: 4 – 6 weeks

It’s important to point out that the closer your chosen shade is to your natural hair colour, the less obvious your regrowth will be. And so, by comparison, the starker the contrast between your natural and dyed colour, the more obvious it will be when your roots begin to show through. Our stylists recommend popping in to touch up your full head tint every 4 – 6 weeks. And remember, regular touch-ups, like a root tint, in between your full head tint services make for speedy salon visits too.



What is it?

Also referred to as a half head of highlights, our half head foils service helps to lighten focused sections of the hair, perfect for accentuating a haircut or style, or simply giving the illusion of a fuller head of hair. Yep, *newsflash* carefully placed highlights can make your hair appear thicker. Fabulous isn’t it? And you don’t need to stretch your time (or your wallet for that matter) to a full head of highlights either. If you’re looking for a lighter overall look, this colour service has your name written all over it.


Results and Wear

Commitment: 4 – 6 weeks

Our stylists recommend keeping your highlights looking salon fresh for as long as possible, and to avoid the dreaded ring of regrowth at all costs, which you tend to get near your roots as your hair starts to grow. Aside from using our stylist recommended at-home hair care products that help to maintain your salon colour for longer, the only way you can truly get rid of your ring of regrowth is by popping into the salon every 4 – 6 weeks. The added effect of complimenting your hairstyle with highlights only looks good for as long as it lasts, and with regular touch ups your mates won’t even notice your regrowth. Regrowth? What regrowth? 😉

*Don’t forget that if it’s your first time colouring your hair with us, you’ll need to pop in for a skin test to check you’re not allergic to our salon colour at least 48 hours prior to your hair colour service.

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