Colour Package C

This is a great package if you’re looking to revamp your hair without deviating too far from your natural or base colour. Add shine, hide greys and create contrast, depth and dimension all whilst adding definition to your chosen haircut and making your hair appear thicker and fuller. Couple all of that with a nourishing bonding treatment that helps to lock in your salon colour, keeping it looking vibrant for longer, and you’ll have every right to bring back ‘new hair, who dis’ on the ‘gram. Sound like a bit of you? We thought so!

What’s included:

  • Cut and blow dry
  • Bonding treatment
  • 8 Foils with colour in between



What is it?

This colour technique includes an all over semi or permanent colour in between 8 foils of highlights.  Your ‘base colour’, whether natural or dyed, can play a big part in how your overall colour looks, and can also help your stylist determine how light your highlights should be so that they complement the tone of your base colour, and not clash or become too contrasting. The last thing anyone wants to see are stripy yellow streaks laced over a really dark base colour… *shudder*.  So, to get the look you’re after, your colourist will develop a unique colour formula that harmonizes and compliemtns your chosen base colour.

If you’re wondering how ‘blonde’ your highlights should look, our stylists say that it’s typically our blonde guests who have more flexibility in terms of different shades – sorry dark haired girls! But that’s only because blonde highlights blend more seamlessly when applied over existing pre-lightened or naturally blonde hair. But, if you’re really gunning for a lighter base colour to go along with your 8 foils of highlights, that doesn’t mean you can’t. All we’d recommend is talking it through with your stylist first as they’ll be able to recommend how light you should go. Remember, repeat visits are key if you’re looking to transition to a lighter look overall.

Results and Wear

Commitment 4 – 6 weeks

Our stylists recommend popping back in to salon for a colour refresh that addresses both your highlights and base colour at the same time for maximum impact that doesn’t compromise on your desired look.

*Don’t forget that if it’s your first time colouring your hair with us, you’ll need to pop in for a skin test to check you’re not allergic to our salon colour at least 48 hours prior to popping in for your hair colour.

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