Colour Package D

If you’re getting tired of the mundane regular ‘trim’ and need to spice up your hair life then Colour Package D has got you covered. Alongside your cut and blow dry and bonding treatment you’ll also get to choose from two colour options: a free hand colour service or half head of foils (highlights). Both colour services are designed to revamp your overall hairstyle, but the results are quite different, so we’ve provided a breakdown below of what each technique entails.


What’s included:

  • Cut and blow dry
  • Bonding treatment
  • Free Hand Colour Service OR Half Head Foils (highlights)


Free Hand Colour

What is it?

Simply put, a free hand colour service is when colour is painted onto specific sections of the hair to enhance the cut, add texture or give a soft sun-kissed and overall lighter effect. Another popular term that is often used interchangeably with free hand colour painting is hair slicing – which refers to a colour service, not slicing off your hair! Used to create a bolder highlighting look than traditional ‘highlights’ , slicing or hair painting is when a stylist literally takes a slice of your hair — generally 1/8 of an inch thick — and paints the colour on using a skilled, freehand technique. Unlike traditional highlights, where thin, ribbon-like sections are used, free hand colour painting uses wider plank sections for a more contrasting and highly saturated effect.


Results and Wear

Commitment 4 – 6 weeks

The results of a free hand colour service can vary from a subtle balayage or even a contrasting ombré. As your stylist will be painting colour onto thicker sections, you get highlights that are much chunkier and more noticeable.

To help maintain your colour at home in between salon visits, our stylists will be able to recommend a hair care routine that includes products for designed specifically for coloured hair. It really makes all the difference, and the less regrowth and colour fade you have, the quicker your next salon service will be.


Half Head Foils (Highlights)

What is it?

Highlights are thin sections of hair that are lighter than your natural colour. Usually applied over the crown, sides and the top layer of hair, a half-head foils service is recommended for (but not limited to) those with shorter or finer hair. That’s because highlights generally result in the appearance of thicker and fuller bodied hair – but that doesn’t mean our thick-maned girls can’t get in on the action – you can never have too much volume, right?

Whether you prefer subtle and sun-kissed or bold and dramatic, our stylists reckon that highlights are the perfect way to enhance your natural hair colour. Choosing the right shade is not an easy fete though, which is why we’d always recommend popping in to a salon for expert application and advice on shades.  

Tailoring highlights to perfectly suit your individual features, base or natural hair colour as well as considering the strength of your hair (i.e. how much lightening can your hair handle without getting fried?) are all factors that our stylists need to consider. Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all shade for half head foils, as it’s essential that colours and tones are carefully picked for the most flattering effect. If you’re somebody who wants hair that’s lighter and brighter than Colour Package C, then this service is the one for you.


Results and Wear

Commitment 4 – 6 weeks

Our stylists recommend popping back in to the salon to refresh your highlights every 4 to 6 weeks if you want to keep that ‘just left the salon’ feeling going strong. Not forgetting that if you opt for the salon quality hair care products recommended by your stylist, you won’t be disappointed with colour fade or dullness in between salon visits – which is key when you want to disguise regrowth for as long as possible.


*Don’t forget that if it’s your first time colouring your hair with us, you’ll need to pop in for a skin test to check you’re not allergic to our salon colour at least 48 hours prior to your hair colour service.

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