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What do you think makes Supercuts stand out in the hairdressing world?
Supercuts believe in taking a hands-on approach to training. We find that this opens the way for hairdressers to ask questions and encourages a safe environment for them to try something and not be afraid of failing. All of our training sessions are workshops, and they are taught techniques that can be adapted and used in a salon situation.

Our Education Team are hairdressers themselves and work in a salon regularly. Because of this, we tend to find the stylists who attend our courses are more open with the problems they face. This creates a great platform for us all to work from.

Who are your celebrity hair favorites right now?
I love Rita Ora’s style and hair, she’s not afraid to try new things.

Do you have any personal hair horrors you’re willing to share with us?
I have always had my hair done professionally so have been lucky enough to never have a true hair disaster! I maybe pushed the boundaries when I was younger in the brightness of some colour choices though! I have always had my hair bleached so the condition of my hair has always been a worry but I manage that by using a professional repairing shampoo and mask.

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