“Short tailored sides are
paired with icy, dusk tones
for a striking finish. With
individual strands of hair
emphasized throughout and a
long fringe, the style is heavily
textured and perfectly

Kieron Fowles UK Creative Director.

Get the Look

For this head-turning look,
ask your stylist about shorter
sides with longer length on top
for versatile styling. Hair will
need to be bleached and toned
for the ice-white finish, but
the bond strengthening system
used in salon will help protect
the condition of bleached hair.

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Maintain At Home

Maintaining the colour is
a key element to keeping
this style, so a silver
shampoo specifically for
blonde and platinum hair
is essential. Once dry, a
styling paste will let you
define and separate sections
of hair as desired, while
a shine-enhancing hairspray
will add hold and a
glacier-like finish.

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