“Block contouring is combined
with short internal layering
to give a textured, grown-out
feeling. With a random play of
light and dark, the soft, dense
colour is in synergy with the cut,
style and texture.”

Kieron Fowles UK Creative Director.

Get the Look

Looking for a low-maintenance look
that still makes an impact? Then this
style is for you. Visit your local
Supercuts salon for a mid-length cut
with shorter layers and plenty of
texture. A curved, grown-out fringe
is a must-have for this season, so
ask your stylist about the best length
and parting to suit your face shape.

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Maintain At Home

This look is all about texture
and volume, so choose a
shampoo and conditioner
that are designed to add
body and movement back into
hair. Styling creams or pomades
should be used to separate the
layers and add definition and
shape, while a gloss spray will
give the look a high-shine,
premium finish.

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