NEW Join the queue system

Welcome to our new 'join the online queue' service - a more convenient way to just walk in or check in online before you arrive.

At Supercuts we pride ourselves on the easy walk-in appointments which we offer to our guests. Our new join the online queue service will make it easier!

Our new service allows guests to join the Supercuts just walk in queue online on arrival or before coming to the salon. There is the option to check in online via the salon locator page or you can wait and check in on arrival at your local salon.

Check in online and join the queue before you arrive

Just walk in and join the queue in salon

When you join the queue either way, you will see how many people are in the queue and the wait time.  If your wait time is longer than 20 minutes you can leave and we’ll text you when it is nearly time for your appointment.  

Just walk in and check in with a salon member of staff

If you don’t want to join the queue online, just ask a colleague to check you in when you arrive.  

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