Cheryl Cole Hair History

Fashion icon and pop star extraordinaire, we’ve seen Cheryl Cole evolve from a fresh-faced natural beauty auditioning for a singing contest to a glamorous starlet gracing the likes of British Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar – and a second-time judge on the X Factor!

She’s most well-known for those big, blown-out curls with va va voom volume, but over the years her style has taken many twists and turns, and her hair has followed suit. Here, Katie Hamburger from the Supercuts creative team, The Edge, gives her analysis of some of Cheryl’s most iconic hairstyles:


Auditioning for Popstars: The Rivals, 2002

“This hair style reflects the early noughties with the heavy feathering through the front that starts at her chin.

“Fresh-faced and natural, Cheryl is sticking to her roots here, and it works for her: the chocolate tones perfectly complement her skin tone and rich brown eyes.

“Oval face shapes like Cheryl suit almost every style, but if you’re feeling a little confused by what cut to choose for your face type, talk to your Supercuts stylist and they can advise you of the best look to go for.”


 95.8 Capital FM Awards, 2005

“A few years later and  a poised and confident Cheryl rocks a casual beachy look with just a hint of glamour.

“The honey tones in these highlights really work for Cheryl because of her light olive skin.

“To achieve her laid-back waves, take a texturising salt spray such as Fudge Salt Spray and apply lightly to wet hair while blasting hair with a blowdryer.

“Place inch sections of hair into medium-size rollers all over the head and use a blow dryer to apply heat.  To achieve sexy waves that fall over the face, make sure the rollers are facing slightly towards the back of the head.

“Remove the rollers and make sure the style stays in place with a generous spritz of extra-hold hairspray like Wella Professionals Super Set (£12.20,”


Samsung Phone Launch, 2007

 “A rich chocolate brown with subtle red tones coupled with a blunt fringe make Cheryl’s eyes pop.

“When it comes to a fringe, heavy is always better as it creates a statement. The length that cheryl is working with, collar bone also lends itself to a more dramatic shape.

“The key to nailing this sleek look is achieving super straight hair. Spritz with a heat protection spray to keep your locks frizz free, then run straightening irons across the length of your hair in sections (use sectioning clips if it helps).

“Finish with a good quality hair oil that will replenish and strengthen cuticles like Wella Oil Reflections (£14.95,”


A night out in Guy Ritchie’s Mayfair pub, The Punch Bowl, 2010

 “This colour swap made the headlines on every magazine and the plum shade was one of the most influential hair colours in 2010. Every colour guest coming into the salon wanted this colour, and I can see why!

“The rich mahogany hue is warm and yet bright, and is the perfect colour to make a statement without being too dramatic. It also sets off her warm skin tone perfectly.

“To keep such a bold colour looking rich, it’s important to use a good quality colour shampoo such as Kerastase Chroma Riche (”


At the American X Factor press conference , 2011

 “Her signature look was showcased when Cheryl was announced as a judge on the American version of X Factor.

“There are two secrets to this style: backcombing and hairspray –  though perhaps these don’t need to be so liberally applied as Cheryl’s, whose larger than life hair is a hard look to pull off for most.

“Preparation is key, so use a volumising shampoo such as Redken Body Full Shampoo (£12.50,, and apply conditioner to the ends only so as to not weigh down the roots.

“When backcombing, try a teasing brush rather than a fine-tooth comb, as this will be kinder to your tresses. Keep some sections on the top pinned back, and take sections about a half-inch wide, and pull the hair away from your head. Then, starting at the root, brush against the grain toward the scalp using short strokes.

“Place the pinned back hair over the backcombed sections to cover up them up for a smooth finish.

“Lock in your look with a strong hair spray such as Paul Mitchel Freeze and Shine (”


Blonde bombshell at X Factor press conference, 2014

 “Cheryl’s hair looks fabulous. The dramatic change in colour has caught everyone’s attention for all the right reasons and blonde is the perfect shade as the sun makes its first appearance of the year.

“Cheryl has gone for a gradual fade into blonde, which is a great choice when going from dark to light as it isn’t such a shock as going for an all over colour straight away.

“Once you’ve taken the plunge and got your beautiful blonde locks it’s important to look after your hair to keep the shade in top condition. Use a strengthening shampoo like Kerastase Bain de Force shampoo ( and follow with the Kerastase Fondant Nutri-Thermique ( to add moisture and leave hair looking healthy and soft.”

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