Demi Lovato Get the Look

17th March 2014

When Demi Lovato revealed her bold new look on Twitter, she set social media on fire as she left her comfort zone with a half shaved hairstyle.

The dramatic change was a real head-turner and Bradley Byrnes, stylist for Supercuts artistic team The Edge, tells us how to work the look:

“Demi’s hair looks incredible and is perfect for rocking the grunge glam trend. She normally expresses her wild side with rainbow colours so this new look is a big step.

“The shaved side works wonders for her showing off her pretty face and features while the longer side enables her to still feel feminine, so this looks give you the best of both worlds.

“If you want to follow in her footsteps it’s really important to get your hair styled in salon. As it’s such big change, it’s best to be in the hands of professionals to make sure your hair health is a top priority.

“Your stylist will tell you that the key to this look still is maintenance. Regular tidy ups around the ear are especially important to keep it looking fresh, so this is something you need to consider before committing to such a big move.

“In terms of colour Demi has chosen to keep her signature pink locks, but combining bright colour with this distinct style is definitely a look for the more daring! To try out a funky shade you can opt for slices of temporary colour, which start from just £3.95 per section at Supercuts.

“For the rest of us it’s best to keep the colour natural. If you ever want to change your look for the night or for college, you can hide the shaved side with a centre parting.”

“Once you’ve taken the plunge and got your locks cut to perfection, finish the look with a small amount of Wella Professional Mirror Polish shine serum (£9.30 from Supercuts). Work this wonder product through the hair with your fingers to smooth out any frizz and leave hair looking ultra-glossy.”

Supercuts believes that good looks cost less. With over 160 salons nationwide and no appointment necessary, guests can get great advice and style without the high-end price with haircuts starting from £14.95. For more information, please visit


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